Benefits of Finding Childcare Through Our Little Angels Academy Home Child Care Agency

1.- Accountability:
Finding childcare through our agency provides the accountability that the provider is taking care of your child(ren) properly as the provider goes through a very thorough screening and training process
2. Professional Development
Your provider is part of the Quality First program and will have ongoing professional learning opportunities that can be applied to bettering their program, communicating more effectively with children and parents and planning age-appropriate developmental activities for the children.
3. Personal Care
In licensed home child care only 6 children are allowed per daycare premises, this small group size allows for one-on-one attention, for your child to be cared for in a familiar, enjoyable, family environment creating strong bonds that lead to a more confident and happier child.
4. Flexible Hours
Parents will be able to find a daycare that meets their schedule needs.
5. Back Up Care
The agency will provide back up care when the provider is sick or on vacation
6. Proper Procedures
The agency ensures that the provider has their police reference check, fire inspection, insurance and that they are CPR certified before allowing any children on the daycare premises
7. Home Visitors
A registered Early Childhood Educator (R.E.C.E ) will visit the daycare and will evaluate the daycare environment as well as provide advice about meals, activities and health and safety precautions.