Our Program

Ages Served

Our Little Angels Academy offers programs for children 3 months to 12 years old.

Our Little Angels Academy Program includes

Arts and crafts
Music circle
Story circle
Free play
Math activities
Language activities
Outdoor play and exploration
And so much more

Our Curriculum Approach: Theme-Based and Play-Based

Our Little Angels Academy follows a theme-based and play-based approach to learning.

The theme-based approach consists of picking a theme such as spring and engaging in an activity like arts and crafts, where they draw or colour a picture about spring.

The play-based approach is where children will play games to learn a skill. For example in math they are working on number recognition, the provider will use a game where the children count how many petals are growing on the flower, once they know how many petals the flower has, they will be asked to find that number and match it to the flower.